Singulair Green – Advanced Aerobic Treatment Process

Koberlein offers conventional plastic and concrete septic tanks for sale and we are proud to be the exclusive dealer for the Norweco Singulair Green aerobic wastewater treatment system in Susquehanna, Pike, Wayne and Lackawanna counties.  Its treatment capabilities are unique in the industry.  The four step Singulair process flawlessly transforms domestic wastewater into clean, odorless effluent in less than 24 hours.  Difficult sites that are close to bodies of water, on a steep slope, or are on small building lots are ideal applications for the Singulair Green treatment system.  Contact us or check with your local Sewerage Enforcement Officer to confirm compatibility with your site.

Singulair Green Advanced Aeration Tank


The Facts:

  • The Singulair Green system allows for a 30% smaller drainfield.
  • The Singulair Green treatment unit is certified to NSF Standard 40 and the Bio-Kinetic system is certified as a chlorine dosing system to NSF Standard 46.
  • It is contained in a rugged, heavy duty, UV protected polyethylene tank weighing less than 900 pounds.
  • The 48-hour retention in the Singulair Green systems reduces tank pumping frequency and system operating costs are low.
  • There are no exposed power cords, compressors, equipment or air lines that are above ground and accessible to children or pets.
  • The single tank convenience contains pretreatment, aeration, clarification, filtration and dechlorination all in one compact treatment unit.
  • The Singulair Green filtration and chlorination processes may be installed in existing, conventional septic systems to enhance protection of your ground water and drainfield.