Septic System Installation & Repair in Honesdale, PA

Koberlein’s technicians have repaired thousands of systems over the past fifty years.  Our experience helps us provide  practical advice when your septic system components need service or replacement.

Using our properly sized and spec’d excavation equipment, Koberlein technicians repair or replace cracked tanks, broken pipes, and replace old drainfields.  When the installation or repair is complete, we re-grade your work site to the property’s original condition.

As the region’s exclusive licensed distributor of the Singulair Green Wastewater system, Koberlein also provides an advanced aerobic treatment septic tank which meets strict water quality requirements often mandated by lakeside communities.  Certification by the National Science Foundation, which documented the treatment effectiveness of the Singulair Green System, also allows for the installation of a drain field which is 30% smaller than conventional septic tank systems.  Contact us or check with your local Sewerage Enforcement Officer to confirm compatibility with your site.