Septic Services

Since 1960, Koberlein has been servicing the area’s septic systems following guidelines for septic tank cleaning established by the Pennsylvania Septic Management Association.

Once at your location, our qualified and experienced technicians  visually inspect your septic system and thoroughly clean it.  We then discuss the usage of the system and proper septic tank maintenance.

We will also inform you if our visual inspection identified other factors that can affect your system’s performance, such as deteriorated baffles, ground water infiltration, cracked lids, a tank level that is too high, or if it looks like solids have been pumped to the drainfield.

We will recommend a septic system maintenance schedule to meet your system’s particular needs.  Our recommended repairs (if any) and suggested septic system care schedule will focus on a safe, cost effective and environmentally appropriate management of your system.

Once our work is completed, we will enter your date of service into our system in order to generate a reminder by mail or email to make sure your system is serviced on a timely basis in the future in order to optimize its performance.

In addition to the no cost visual septic tank inspection our employees provide when we pump your tank, Koberlein now offers PSMA standard certification for real estate transactions. For a fee, this written certification provides a detailed and documented review of the critical components of your system.

A PSMA certification can reveal critical information regarding the system which can materially impact the sale of the premises.  Both sellers and buyers should consider a PSMA certification by Koberlein prior to signing a purchase agreement, in order to identify potential septic system problems.