Septic Repairs

High Pressure Jetter Service

Septic RepairsOur experienced staff can handle just about any septic repair needed for your septic system.  We maintain a complete line of septic tank parts and septic tank pumps.  We replace broken and mowed over caps.  If the lid to your septic tank if buried we can install a new riser and lid so that you can avoid digging charges in the future.  Cracked concrete tanks can be pumped, cleaned and patched and drain fields repaired and replaced if necessary.

We also repair and replace broken lines and distribution boxes.  If a blocked line becomes a continual problem, Koberlein’s technicians use sophisticated video cameras and recorders to locate the obstruction or belly in the line.  In the event that you need an entire septic system replacement, we are able to obtain the permits and provide the equipment, materials and knowledge to complete the septic installation on a turnkey basis.