Pipe / Drain Field / Sand Mound Treatment Products

For over 20 years Koberlein has been the region’s exclusive distributor of Septa-Field, a biological septic tank treatment additive which helps your drainfield stay free and clear of clogging due to soap, grease or sludge build up.  Septa Field eliminates problems associated with drainfields such as softening of the ground, water seepage and clogging lines, which can cause your system to back up into your house.


Root X before and afterKoberlein also offers RootX, a simple, cost effective and proven way to kill pipeline roots in the sewer lines, storm pipes and septic systems.

Mechanical root cutting is an immediate and short-term solution to relieving pipeline blockages caused by root intrusion.  However, cutting roots is like pruning a tree;  it stimulates even more vigorous and destructive root growth in the remaining roots.  That means new root growth can fully clog your pipe again in just a few months.

Treating pipes with RootX, after mechanical rooting, not only kills all the roots on contact, it also leaves a thin layer of the herbicide on the pipe walls to prevent roots from coming back.  New root growth after treatment with RootX is much slower and less destructive to the pipe.

If you have any questions regarding either of these products, feel free to contact us on line or at 888-345-6688.

roots in pipe

sludge in drain field pipe