Inspections and Certifications

When a home has a septic system, it is typically the most expensive utility on the premises; even more costly to replace than the home’s HVAC system.  Despite the high replacement value of a septic system, many home owners are unaware of their system’s condition until it begins to show signs of failure.

Koberlein provides two different types of services to help homeowners understand the condition of their system.  The first is a standard routine visual inspection; the second, a Pennsylvania Septic Management Association Certification.

Our objective in providing Inspections and Certifications is to provide information to the homeowner.  The long term goal is to enable the homeowner to make informed decisions regarding the maintenance and operation of their system in order to extend its useful life.


Koberlein’s technicians perform a visual inspection every time we pump your tank.  Broken or missing baffles, low or high water levels, wet spots near your mound, and sludge solids in your dose tank are just some of the conditions we evaluate.  After we pump your tank, Koberlein technicians will update you on the condition of your system and explain potential items of concern, suggesting ways to correct any septic system problems if necessary, and offer tips on septic tank care.


A Certification is a more formal evaluation of a septic system, is based upon specific system review criteria established by the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (“PSMA”) and involves actively testing components of your system.

Trained in PSMA classes, Koberlein’s technicians will assess/test the following partial list of items when they provide a PSMA Certification:

  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Condition of all tanks and septic drain fields
  • Condition of pumps and associated equipment if applicable
  • Age of system and maintenance history if available
  • Condition of lids, baffles, risers, filters
  • Load testing of system if applicable
  • Evidence of backups or over flows

A Certification may take one or two days and prices vary accordingly.  Once the Certification process is complete, Koberlein produces a detailed, signed, written report in which our technician certifies the condition of the system and its various components.

We strongly recommend that potential buyers of a home with a septic system invest in a PSMA Certification before finalizing the purchase.  Your pre-purchase Certification may reveal necessary repairs that could amount to thousands of dollars.  Similarly, sellers should consider obtaining a Certification prior to listing a property for sale in order to identify and correct septic issues before they negatively impact the value of the home or the final sale of the property.

Often overlooked, untreated septic system problems can reduce the useful life of your system and ruin the potential sale of a home.  Know the condition of this valuable asset.  Let our trained personnel visually inspect your system when we pump your tank, or certify the system’s condition prior to buying/selling your home.

Contact us to discuss the details of our inspections and certifications.