Frequently Asked Questions

Do you repair wastewater pumps? 

Yes.  We sell, install and repair effluent and grinder pumps.  Our certified pump technicians are also available to offer pump service on a 24/7 basis.

Do your products come with warranties?

Yes, Koberlein offers the manufacturer’s warranties for parts and labor.  We also stand behind the quality of our workmanship if we install your pump.

My project has several different pumps that could be used.  Can you offer guidance on the best one to use? 

Selecting the “best” pump is not always a function of simply purchase price.  Koberlein’s experienced technicians can help you evaluate each pump’s curve, the head pressure and lift requirements of your project, the pump’s price and spare parts availability, and the overall working conditions that your pump will face.  You can count on our experience to help you spec the “best” pump for your job.  And chances are good, we’ll have the pump in our inventory, ready for installation.