Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide Vactor services? 

Yes we do.  Our Vactor has a high velocity blower capable of lifting heavy solids.  The truck is also equipped with a 40’ telescoping boom and 8 inch vacuum line.  Finally, the Vactor has almost 600’ of 1” diameter jetter hose capable of cleaning full sized storm and sanitary sewers.  Give our customer service center a call for an appointment.

What size lines can the Vactor accommodate? 

Our Vactor can jet up to a 30 inch main line standard and we also have specialized cleaning capability for up to a 5 foot main line.

Can you clean grit and heavy solids from tanks and lines? 

Koberlein operates high velocity Super Sucker trucks, with dump bodies, which are capable of vacuuming grit and heavy solids from tanks and lines.  Combined with the Company’s high pressure and temperature jetters, pressure washers and cameras, Koberlein’s Super Sucker trucks and operators offer complete tank and line cleaning services.

Do your tankers have their own pumps?

Yes, each tanker has its own pump and is able to load without using POTW pumps.

How do you clean pump stations?

In compliance with OSHA standards, Koberlein technicians first check and then continuously monitor pump station air quality.  Utilizing harnesses, life lines, and tripods, Koberlein personnel enter pump stations to monitor the pumping of grit and grease, while using high pressure and temperature pressure washers.  When needed, environmentally friendly degreasers are also used.  The end result is a pump station prepared for further maintenance and repairs, or put back on-line for reliable service.