Frequently Asked Questions



do you have a digging charge?


Why does my septic system back up or clog?


How can I find out where my septic tank is located?


How can I determine the capacity of my septic tank?


What is “proper working level”?


How often should I pump my septic tank?


How long does it take to pump out the septic tank?


What is Septa Field?


What are your hours?


What areas do you serve?


What is an aerobic septic system?


Is the white pipe my cover?


Do I have to be home when you pump my tank?


Do you offer a neighborhood discount?


Do you bill?


Can you dispatch someone out today to pump my septic tank?


My washer is backing up, is that a septic issue?


How far down the line can your cable go?


Why does my tank need to be pumped before you provide line or drain cleaning services?


Why is my toilet flushing slowly?


Can you service a French Drain at my home?


How much does it cost to have a new septic system installed?


Do you do sewer tie-ins?


If I can't afford a new septic system, what else can I do?


Why do I have ponding in the yard?


What should I avoid putting down the drain?


Can you video inspect any line? What are the limitations?


Jetting vs. Snaking – what is the difference and how do we decide?




What do you recommend as preventative maintenance?


Do you install inside grease traps?


How much will a new grease trap cost?


What is Pro Pump grease additive?


Why is my inside grease trap backing up if you just recently cleaned it?


Why do I have odors in my kitchen?


How do I keep foreign objects out of my grease trap?


Why does my inside grease trap back up or overflow?


Can I add product to the trap to help keep it running smoothly?


What can I do to prevent floor drain backups?


Can you jet inside the store? How messy will this be?




Do you provide Vactor services?


What size lines can the Vactor accommodate?


Can you clean grit and heavy solids from tanks and lines?


Do your tankers have their own pumps?


How do you clean pump stations?


Pump Sales


Do you repair wastewater pumps?


Do your products come with warranties?


My project has several different pumps that could be used. Can you offer guidance on the best one to use?