Community Commitment

There’s no doubt that the current economic conditions we face tear at the fabric of local communities.

As federal, county and state monies dry up, schools, non-profits and community groups struggle to meet programmatic and operational goals. We believe that individuals and companies able to help should step up to fill this funding void.

Since the Company’s inception in 1960, Koberlein has enjoyed the consistent support of many loyal customers. As a reflection of our gratitude for that support, as well as our individual values and the desire to strengthen our community, the Company supports a variety of local programs.

Programs which educate children about the environment and natural sciences, programs which improve the environment for large numbers of local people and the general public, particularly in Wayne County, and programs sponsored by communities which utilize our environmental services, are prioritized opportunities in which Koberlein gives back.

Through thin and flush economic times, Koberlein, and its employees individually, have supported the following recipients through the donation of their time, labor, services, and money.

Thank you to our many customers, whose support of our business has contributed to our success, thereby enabling us to give something back.

If you agree with the value of giving back and are able to help, please consider what you can do to help strengthen our community, then take action.

Friends of Girls Soccer
Wallenpaupack Youth Bowling League
The Church at Hemlock Farms, Golf Tournament, Fire Department

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