grease trap graphicAh, the wonderful aroma of . . . grease?!  Not on our watch!  Koberlein understands the special requirements and concerns of restaurant operations.  Our experienced staff knows that many issues arise unexpectedly and a fast turn-around solution is the only answer for your business.  Call us 24/7 for emergency service.  We also provide regularly scheduled grease trap maintenance services and will work with you to avoid costly problems that may result in a health code violation or interruption in your restaurant’s operation.

We often service grease traps and septic systems early in the morning in order to prevent wastewater odors from affecting restaurant’s patrons.  When grease clogs your drain lines, it can threaten your profitability and reputation of the restaurant.  Koberlein responds quickly and professionally, jetting lines and disposing of the collected grease.  We clean the affected area, returning it to operating conditions.