Frequently Asked Questions

What do you recommend as preventative maintenance?

We may recommend a variety of services to offer a complete preventative maintenance plan.  For example, if you own a restaurant with peaks and valleys in service volume, we may recommend that you schedule a seasonal jetting of your interior lines to prevent clogging based upon your busy period, and an annual pumping of your septic tank.  We may also recommend a “stop and check” program where for the first few quarters, Koberlein technicians will visit your location to check the condition of your traps and tanks to make sure that they are within service parameters  We may recommend Pro Pump grease additives or that you install a larger grease trap for more effective screening.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular service needs.

Do you install inside grease traps?

Yes, we have technicians on staff that have the qualifications necessary to size, permit and install inside grease traps.  Give us a call and we will set up a visit for a quote.

How much will a new grease trap cost? 

Grease trap costs can vary – for inside grease traps the pricing will depend on trap size and location.  If the grease trap is in the floor there will be more labor associated to the job than an above ground trap.  Please call us and we can get more detail to quote you properly.

What is Pro Pump grease additive? 

Pro Pump grease additive is an enzyme which breaks down the grease and keeps it free flowing through your system.  Talk to Koberlein about the proper dosage of the Pro Pump for your system.  Combined with regularly scheduled cleaning, Pro Pump is an important element in your line maintenance program.

Why is my inside grease trap backing up if you just recently cleaned it?

 Inside grease traps can back up because of a clog in the inlet or outlet line.  If you recently received service, then the clog is probably in the line and we will need to dispatch one our line technicians, so give us a call.

Why do I have odors in my kitchen?

There are a variety of potential reasons that there are odors.  If the odors are coming from your grease trap, you may need a gasket, or cover replacement or seal.  If the odors are coming from your floor drains, you may need jetting to clear your floor drains.  Give us a call. We can help you determine the source of the odors and dispatch our service technician to your location.

How do I keep foreign objects out of my grease trap? 

Screens on the drains will help keep foreign objects out of your grease lines.  Also, plates, pots and pans should be scraped directly into trash barrels to reduce grease and foreign objects from entering the grease trap.

Why does my inside grease trap back up or overflow? 

The primary cause of an interior grease trap overflow is a clog in the line entering or exiting the trap.

Can I add product to the trap to help keep it running smoothly? 

Koberlein service technicians can help assess what products will be best suited for your needs.  Typically, Pro Pump helps break down grease to keep it free flowing through your system.  See your Koberlein technician for more details and product pricing.

What can I do to prevent floor drain backups? 

Screens on the floor drains can help to keep debris from entering your floor drain line.  Clean mop strings, gloves, food, etc., from the screen.  Also, avoid dumping grease down sinks and drains.  With our preventative maintenance program, you can stay one step ahead of costly back-ups.

Can you jet inside the store?  How messy will this be? 

Yes, we can jet inside the store.  Generally, jetting is done before or after your normal business hours.  Koberlein technicians are clean and professional and will make sure that your business is spotless before we leave.